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About Us As A Couple

What we remember about our first date says a lot about each of us.

Seth is laid back, supportive, and understanding. 


Jessica is happy to go out of her way for others and is kind (she also loves taking care of food and snacks for outings). 

Our honeymoon in Paris was amazing -- we did a lot of walking and found some interesting places to take a break!

We visited Hannibal, MO, a childhood favorite of Seth's while we were dating; stopped at Salt River, MO to enjoy the view.

Livin' it up in Las Vegas (we were on our way to see Penn & Teller).

"When we met, we lived in different cities; for that trip to the zoo Jessica picked me up at the airport. She'd driven over 2 hours to meet me, and kept saying that it was no big deal. When her car pulled up she popped out and smiled at me with this big nervous smile. As the afternoon went on her nervousness faded, her sense of humor started to peek out, and she was kind and witty." Seth

"On our first date, we went to the zoo. I packed a lunch, but forgot the plates, n​apkins, forks -- we couldn't eat most of what I'd ma​de. I was embarrassed and pretty upset.

Seth was so understanding!  He wasn't upset and didn't get hangry.  Instead, he was calm and forgiving. He said it was okay; we ate what we could and joked about the whole thing."  Jessica

We're each other's "Check and Balance"

Engagement Photo

Wedding Photo

5th Anniversary Party

Anniversary at home April 2021

After I proposed to Jessica, she responded 'are you sure?'. I said 'yes', and she accepted.

We haven't looked back on getting married, but she still asks 'are you sure' before making any big decisions. She's like my check and balance.

Seth balances me out.  He is my calming force; he knows what to say if I'm nervous or anxious.  He keeps me centered and grounded.  He is my reality check.

We are warm, ready, and hoping to hear from you!

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