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Love Expands. 

We are ready to be parents, and grow our family.   Our families are excited to welcome our child. 

Our friends, many of whom are like family, are supportive of us adopting; they are excited to welcome our baby (the younger kids will love someone new to play with, and the older kids will love having someone to "show the ropes" to).

To us, loving a child means making sure he or she grows up in a warm and caring environment, knows the meaning of family and community, and receives a good education with all the tools necessary to navigate life.   We feel blessed that we are able to provide a home filled with love and support.  We would be honored to be parents. 

We want to be parents for many reasons, but they all come back to our commitment to family; the connection, the closeness, the caring, the sharing, the growing and the support. Our friends tell us that we'd make good parents because we try to connect with their kids.  That's just who we are.  We believe life is about the relationships you cherish, how you learn from others, and how we all bring meaning to each other's lives. 

We look forward to being parents and helping a child grow into an adult; to teaching our son or daughter how to embrace and learn about the world around them.  We look forward to teaching a child the important stuff -- like how to read, eat nutritiously, and be a good person -- as well as the fun stuff -- like fishing, cooking, gardening,  exploring the world, and appreciating the small stuff. 

We have wonderful family, supportive friends who live near and far, and a close social network within our neighborhood.   Our home is filled with warmth, love, fun, and we always want to make sure that our family and friends feel at home in our house. 

We might come off as being a bit more formal, and perhaps we are on the outside, but we're also warm and genuine. We care deeply about our family, our friends and our community. We are not perfect and we don't pretend that we are. We know that life is full of hardships and challenges, but also that what is important is how you deal with things. 

We are excited about adopting and growing our family.

For us, raising a child is a blessing and an honor.


We believe that loving a child is something that is difficult to define.  

But we know that as parents, we will make sure he or she grows up in a warm and caring environment, values family, is a member of a community, and receives a good education with all the tools necessary to navigate life.

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