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Hi . . . we are Seth and Jessica. 

We're looking to welcome a child into our home.  Here's some information about us.

We're excited to adopt, and welcome a baby into our home. 

Being a parent is what each of us has wanted our whole lives, and has been a part of what we have looked forward to doing together as a couple from shortly after we met.  

We cannot imagine how difficult this is for you. 

For us, parenthood is about sharing our love, nurturing growth, supporting development, educating for life and growing together as a family.   

Here is some information about us, about our life, and about what we're looking forward to as parents.  

Please read more about who we are. 

To find out more about us, email or call 301-697-5215.  

We're looking forward to connecting with you.

The basics about us...

  • We've been married for 9 years, and been through life's ups and downs.   
  • The good stuff is easy, but the struggles are what have made us stronger.  
  • Having gone through both together will make us better parents. 

We're each other's "Check & Balance"

About Seth by Jessica:   Seth and I went on a picnic (at a zoo!) for our first date.  I made the food but forgot the cutlery, plates and napkins so eating was a challenge.  Seth was understanding and forgiving -- he's still like that.  He doesn't stress the small stuff.   Not only is he calm, but he brings perspective and definitely helps keep me balanced. 

As a person, Seth is thoughtful and generous, and takes amazing care of me; I know he'll have the same commitment and caring for our child. He values our family and friends; he makes a point of connecting with their kids.  Seth is really smart and he has a thirst for knowledge.  He'll be a great parent who is devoted to our child's well-being, growth, development, and education.  

About Jessica by Seth:   After I proposed to Jessica, she responded, "Are you sure?". I said yes, and she accepted. We haven't looked back on getting married, but she still asks "Are you sure" before we make any big's her double-check before taking a leap.  She's like my check and balance.

Jessica is kind and considerate.  She does a lot to make sure that our house is a home, and is welcoming for our family and friends.  When we entertain, she wants to make sure everyone is taken care of.  She'll be that way for our child too - she'll make sure our home is a place that is loving, warm, nurturing, fun, inviting for our child's friends, and always well stocked with both necessities and fun stuff. 

Seth has a Bachelors in Economics and History, and a Masters of Library Science.  After being an Archivist for several years, he is now a Librarian with the Federal Government.

Jessica has a Bachelors in English Literature and Sociology, and a Certificate in Human Resources Management.  She's been Executive Director of non-profit membership organizations, and now works as a Program Manager for a large national non-profit.

Our house is a home filled with love, fun, and warmth.

  • We live in a wonderful family-focused neighborhood in Maryland.  There are lots of kids, a few parks, amazing schools, and two swim lots of friends!  
  • We can't show you a picture, but either Seth or Jessica is almost always singing (but we each sing very different things, so you never know what you're going to hear!). 
  • Our friends know they're always welcome to drop by (which they do!), and make themselves at home.  We love entertaining.

Rummikub is a staple game for us.  Jessica's sister gave us a handmade set that we always use.  Seth also loves card games (Cribbage and Bridge); Jessica loves word games (Scrabble and Bananagrams).

Seth loves building fires in our 2 fireplaces.  Whenever it gets a bit chilly outside, we love the warmth of a fire.

Jessica has embraced her inner gardener since we moved into our home.   She tends to the flowers and is getting ready for a vegetable patch.

Madeline was one of Jessica's favorite book series as a child; she's looking forward to sharing that and other childhood favorites with our child.

Fondue night with friends is a favorite.  Seth usually makes a cheese fondue; Jessica puts together the items for dipping.

We have some toys for when young friends visit.  Some are from Jessica's childhood that she's always excited to share.

Cooking and having home cooked, nutritious meals is important to us. 

  • We have dinner together every night; we love taking the time to connect and catch up on our day.
  • We often go to the farmers' market on the weekend, and love cooking with whatever is in season.
  • We also love going out and trying different is nice to have a break from cooking once in a while!  
  • Both of us love making childhood favorites; we're excited to share those with our child. 

We both love to cook, so there's always something yummy being planned. Whether its an everyday roast chicken, a vegetable soup, or something a bit more exotic (pho is Jessica's new favorite), we love sitting down to a nutritious home cooked meal.

When friends come over, we love cooking from scratch for them.  Jessica sometimes gets a bit carried away, but enjoying a home cooked meal with friends is something we both cherish.

Seth loves making poached eggs on Sunday mornings.  Usually he makes chicken eggs, but once in a while we have duck eggs as a treat.  Brunch is often the eggs with toast, coffee, fruit,  orange juice and the Sunday paper. 

Jessica grew up in Canada, and loves to make traditional Canadian dishes like this Tortiere, this winter-time staple (it's a meat pie). 

Before holidays, Jessica likes to bake for family and friends.

Seth loves more traditional cooking, or finding a new twist on an old favorite.  This is an orange-glazed roasted chicken...he made one for us and one for friends.

We also love going out to restaurants.  Here we are at our favorite local restaurant, which is only a 15 minute walk from our house (they make great pasta!).

We love learning, reading, and knowing about the world around us...

Seth loves reading the paper. 

  • When we were dating, we would read the same book and discuss -- it was a great way to get to know each other and the type of books we each like.
  • Seth is a librarian with a thirst for knowledge: Jessica has a degree in English literature, and loves getting lost in a book.
  • Amazingly, when we got married, it turned out we only had a couple of the same books!

We have a lot of books.  This is one of five (overflowing!) bookcases filled with all kinds of different books. Jessica just pointed out that it's time for some more....

These days, Jessica is just as likely to read a cookbook as she is to read a novel.

We celebrate and appreciate the small stuff.

For our 5th anniversary, we had a big party with family and friends.  Seth wanted to make sure we celebrated all of the good things in our life. 

Jessica loves when the ice cream truck comes around; Seth jokes that she gets more excited than the neighborhood kids!

We love going to the farmers' market, and have 3 close by. It's a great way to spend a morning!

  • We love slowing down and appreciating life and the world around us.
  • Whether it is going for a walk, or hanging out at home, we believe in taking time for ourselves, family and friends and enjoying some downtime.
  • We definitely believe in "stopping to smell the roses".

We love exploring our neighborhood, and going for long walks.   One of the things Jessica particularly loves is seeing the deer that roam around. 

We love appreciating what's around us.  Jessica adores these butterfly benches at a botanical gardens just 3 miles from our house. (They also have an amazing winter light exhibit that we love going to with friends.)

We both love flowers; these are from Jessica's parents for a holiday when we couldn't be together.

Whenever it snows, Jessica celebrates with homemade popcorn and hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) in her favorite mug.

We love getting away and exploring different places...

We love fishing (we each have our own rods!) and try to go once or twice a year.  Plenty of great areas within a few hours of our house.

For this weekend away, we stayed in a house down the street from the beach.  It was January! 

We love doing something 'just a little bit different' when we're away.   In New Orleans, we went on a swamp tour (of course we also hung out in the French Quarter).

  • We love getting out of town when we can, even if it is just for a few days.
  • We prefer staying in vacation rentals (more than hotels), whether they're an hour or a continent away, so we can experience the local life.
  • When we travel, we combine a lot of planning (which Seth is great at) with spur-of-the-moment adventures (which Jessica prefers).

Seth introduced Jessica to horse racing; a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Jessica introduced Seth to some of the amazing rapids at Niagara Falls, Canada (there's a great glass studio nearby too!).

Seth had some fun with Mark Twain in Hannibal, MO.

Seth especially loves going for walks and exploring State Parks and landmarks whereever we go.

Seth loved walking by the Sienne when we were in Paris, France.

Where-ever we go, Jessica tries to find the farmers markets and outdoor markets....including when we were in Barcelona for our honeymoon.

Our lives are built on mutual love and respect.  Together, we are a team. 

We celebrate the good, appreciate the small stuff, and support each other through challenges.   

We believe in the importance of community and giving back, have strong values, 

and are blessed with supportive family and friends.


We're committed to adopting, and as parents will raise our child in a home filled with

love, nurturing, respect, and warmth.   

While this website is to let you know about us, we're excited to learn about you. 

Please reach out so we can connect.

We hope you'll be in touch -- we'd love to get to know you. 

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